On Race; Why We Actually Are All Different and Not the Same


Credit to Miguel Coimbra

This is a topic that I have a hard time talking about, simply because I am afraid to share all the true details; the ones that haunt my past (and to some degree, current) self.  I, admittedly, have acted in racist manners before, sometimes realizing it, and sometimes not realizing it.  Let me say this:  Watching a movie that encourages racial relations is not enough; hearing a sermon on loving other races is not enough; seeing a YouTube clip is not enough.  The only way to bring racism (or any prejudice) to an end is to engage with those people as you would anyone else that you love.  Sounds simple, right?  Well, it’s not always that easy, as is the case with most endeavors.
What’s the most-used sentiment when it comes to racial equality?  In my opinion, it is the statement, “We are all the same.”  I don’t find this to be true.  In regards to having rights, and being treated equally, we should all be treated with the same respect.  But in regards to personality, we are all different, and this is where most people make a wrong statement.  We are not the same.  Not all Asians like noodles.  Not all blacks like chicken.  Not all those of Hispanic descent like enchiladas.  Not all blacks like basketball.  Not all Asians like Yao Ming.  Not all Latinos like soccer.  Even on writing this, there are people who prefer I use the term “African-American” and then there are those who prefer the term “black.”  I cannot differentiate between all the preferences without first communicating with someone what they prefer.
So, why exactly am I writing about race relations?  Well, the best way to answer that is to bring through my journey.  It seems to me that race relations has been the most prominent theme in my life, in both good and bad ways.
(This article was started on September 9/19/14, and will be continued shortly)


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