A Blast From the Past – Revisiting Atari’s 2600 First-Year Release Cartridge Games


Top 100 Video Games

I have been working on a project lately – that is rating every video game I can get my hands on, based on personal opinion mostly, although encouraging user input to re-review to change my opinion.  While I have only had a few hits and votes here and there, the webpage has been very entertaining.  I only remember starting with the NES, so getting to play old-school Atari isn’t really nostalgic for me; it’s the first time I’ve played them (I did get to play Pitfall as a bonus stage from the SNES version of Pitfall, that is the only exception).  By and large, I think the Atari just has too many games for such a simple system.  At the same time, one must understand that this was the basis and foundation for the games that would later come to fruition.  Without Atari, who knows if the Nintendo competition would try ti infiltrate the market?  Even more so, one of my favorite SNES games was Pitfall–this would not have happened without an original.  Most sports games, in particular the NES versions, found their beginnings with the Atari models leading their inspiration.  Admittedly, I have played a few non-1977 releases, including Space Invaders & Pac-Man, but the first release of 1977 was what would determine the fate of the Atari’s success.  I have to say, looking at the games, they seem to have inspired my cellphone games and apps you may see on tablets or Iphones.  These games really are the games that started it all, and I dare say without them , the smartphone craze would not be nearly as successful.  Some games are now downloadable apps, such as Combat; but I have the most fun with a game called Surround.  It is basically a 2-player version of a game called Snake, which appeared on one of my Nokia Phones many years later.  These games aren’t story-based, but they make a nice way to kill some time nowadays, especially if you can find a phone app rendition, or are lucky enough to have an Atari at home.


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