Discussion on the Art & Pursuit of Comedy

Recently, the media world has lost two legendary comedic personalities in Robin Williams & Joan Rivers.  Prior to this, I had been pondering what it might be like to be a comedian, or even to go on a show like Last Comic Standing or America’s Got Talent to audition, just to see what would happen.  However, I had some reservations.  The reason is because I felt depressed to some extent, as in my material was depressing, and not necessarily funny; in other words it hit too close to home in a negative sense.  However, when I learned that Robin Williams’ died of depression-related suicide, I felt a bit taken aback, as he was genuinely funny, and that’s when it hit me.  Most comedians are simply relaying their emotions through comedy, and this is how they deal with their pain.  Joan Rivers put this forth very directly when confronting a heckler, and I must say, dealing with a heckler is my biggest fear.  Now, let’s get down to it.  The discussion is, 1).  what are some reasons a person (such as yourself or someone you know) should get into the business of stand-up comedy?  2).  What is a good source of material (life experience, one-liners, sarcasm, etc)?  3). If your area does not generally hold venues for stand-up, is it appropriate to perform on open mic if the open mic is completely music and poetry-related?


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